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Does too much technology in a car making the driving difficult?

The technology is bringing revolution to help the drivers have a more powerful experience with modern cars, however, it is also limiting their skills to make good decisions while driving.
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Antoniacummins 29.01.2019, 11:00

Does too much technology in a car making the driving difficult?

The technology is bringing revolution to help the drivers have a more powerful experience with modern cars, however, it is also limiting their skills to make good decisions while driving.

Cars are designed to make the drivers more comfortable nowadays by using cutting edge 21st century technology. Driving has never been safer with traditional cars, is it safer with modern improved cars that required less skills from drivers to operate the car? The question is daunting because the latest technology allows drivers to rely more on the satellite technology instead of their own driving skills and decision making, which is why accidents of cars running out of roads are increasing. On one hand, the technology is helping the drivers globally to enjoy more robust driving; on the other hand, it is also leading them astray. Let us explore a few things that make driving difficult with modern technological cars.

GPS and Satellite is Making Things Worse for Drivers

The recent research on the modern tech cars shows that in advanced countries, technological crutches like GPS and satellite technology are making people worst drivers than ever before. Drivers are not much relying on their mental skills like they used to, instead, the built in technology such as navigational systems in the car are producing more stupid drivers. Therefore, they are also making things worse for the drivers to make the correct decisions while driving. The study shows that drivers are lacking spatial awareness and reducing the common sense of drivers.

Was Technology Supposed to Work That Way?

Car manufacturers have always aimed to produce powerful vehicles for the drivers to enjoy a robust experience and make better driving decisions to make their journey more comfortable and safe. However, things are going in pretty much the opposite direction. Powerful features such as power steering, cruise control, antilock brakes are controls that work with sophisticated computers to empower car entertainment systems and fine tune the car’s performance while driving. The modern aerodynamic cars of 21st century have more computing power then any cars ever built. Infect, early space shuttles did not have the same powerful technology that today’s cars have, which is why the technology is making things better and worse.

The technology is getting in the way of drivers to help them drive safely and make the best decisions using their intellect. Today’s cars can help the drivers to stay in line, but also help them to maintain a distance from the other cars and control speed automatically. However, the huge disadvantage of these modern technologically powerful cars is that they rely more on technology and artificial intelligence which makes drivers lose attention on the road.

Modern Cars are increasing lack of Learning

According to 24HWriteMyEssay.Com Company modern cars are promoting easy driving but less learning for drivers who need a lot of care and skill to master the art or safe driving. In many ways, the technology is getting in their way and making things more difficult and unsafe. Drivers of today are paying less attention to what is happening to other cars in the lane, they are making the menu choices from the software and relying on them totally that is affecting their confidence. Some drivers forget to disengage the cruise control and fail to make sharp brakes which make this problem even more severe. Millions of drivers in the Europe and the UK are paying no attention to other cars on the road and depend on the navigating system that results in more serious car crashes.

The Problem with GPS

Although there are many problems technology has taken away, the GPS system is making drivers more and less skilled. Drivers use GPS frequently these days and do not follow the electronic guide that comes with the manual. It is more difficult for the people to remember the navigation system; therefore, many people do not carry the instructions with them in the car that affects their driving safety. This makes their trip many times dangerous than before. A researcher Julia Frankenstein reveals that when you rely too much on the navigation system, you reduce your brain’s cognitive ability by outsourcing navigation tasks.


A car is not an aero plane that has less traffic in the air and can be controlled primarily from an automated system. The new and modern technology is making many improvements in cars by providing cutting edge features, however, the technology is also making things worse for the drivers who are not following the instructions properly to navigate the system and relying too much on the technology that is limiting their skill development and mental abilities to improve their driving. The modern technology solutions are making drivers more unsafe, which is why millions of accidents are happening in the advanced countries that is shocking news.

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Antonia Cummins is a technology writer who has many years of experience working in digital marketing firms and leading technology teams .

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